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Kathleen Trombley Wins First-Ever Stormdar Snowflake Contest

She had to wait until March for a decent snowflake, but she finally found it and it won her a prize! Kathleen Trombley, of Branson, is no stranger to outdoor photography, and has had her work featured on the Stormdar Weather Facebook Page many times.

When we announced the contest last fall, we figured there would be more snowflake opportunities this winter, but that wasn't the case. The contest was this: Take a picture of ONE snowflake. We know that sounds easier than it truly is. It's cold outside. You have to deal with the elements. It's hard to take a photo when your hands are shaking. And you still have to hunt for that magical snowflake! The contest ended up being a close call, and the Stormdar Weather team had to make a last minute decision.

Congratulations Kathleen! You are the winner of a Stormdar Weather t-shirt!

NOTE: There can be only one winning entry per person per snow season, meaning Kathleen won't be eligible to win the contest again until next winter. So if we get another snow this season, we encourage you to enter as there will be a different winner.

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